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Response to Covid-19

We want you to feel safe when you visit us.


We ensure we disinfect each client's chairs, tools, work surfaces, and products.


We have temporarily stopped using the small white terrycloth towels and replaced them with disposable napkins.  If you would like any snacks, please ask your stylist. We always use hand sanitizer before offering you anything to drink.

Social distance

We no longer shake our customers’ hands or hug each other. We will be able to do this again when the time is right.


We kindly ask that you attend your appointment alone. Of course, your friends will be welcome to join you again when the time is right. We are closely following developments – We are following the recommendations issued by the New York City Department of Health and encourage all of our staff to stay home if they develop the slightest symptoms. We kindly ask all our clients to postpone their appointments if they develop the slightest symptoms.

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